Friday, June 11, 2010

The Seven Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment

The Tarot Tableau shows Keys 1-21 in 3 rows of 7.  This represents the Seven Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment.

The top row shows laws or powers of consciousness.  The middle row shows agencies or processes.  The bottom row shows results or outcomes.  The seven columns are the Seven Stages.

So column 1 represents Stage One - Bondage.  The main power of consciousness is represented by The Magician.  Strength represents the agency or process that leads to the results shown as The Devil.

The Seven Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment:
  1. Stage One - Bondage
  2. Stage Two - Awakening
  3. Stage Three - Revelation
  4. Stage Four - Organization
  5. Stage Five - Regeneration
  6. Stage Six - Realization
  7. Stage Seven - Cosmic Consciousness
Overall, The Tableau shows a universal process of how consciousness progresses from bondage to liberation

Some keys to interpreting The Tableau will come forth in some future posts.